Bucchero indicates a category of pots in blackish clay, obtained from a technique created between the 7th and the 5th century BC, in particular in the region of Etruria.
The Buccheri collection revives the ancient Etruscan practice in a faithful way, to perpetuate its method and reveal its extraordinary qualities.
The three vases are shaped by hand and crafted with special boxwood utensils, used in the phase of surface polishing that comes prior to the firing.
The firing is done in sheet-metal containers full of charcoal, hermetically sealed before being placed in the kiln: the object is fired for three days in a process of fumigation in a closed environment during which it absorbs the charcoal, which permeates its mass and produces the original black coloring.

The three vases, named Tarconte, Ocno and Asture, in a tribute to heroic figures of Etruscan mythology, have enigmatically primordial forms, marked but pronounced circular shaping and an apparent solidity that forms a contrast with the slight thickness of the terracotta.
The rims of the opening of the vessels have irregular edges, making each piece totally unique and conveying the sensation of a body in a state of becoming, not static and not necessarily completed.
The matte black hue of these objects, deep and impenetrable, even with the somber glow of certain silver-graphite areas, is an absorbing mantle that captures light, and on a metaphorical level expresses all the density, intensity and beauty of a project that the human being has reproduced for thousands of years.

DESIGNED by Roberto Sironi Studio
PH by Federico Villa