Alabastri is a collection of three centrepieces made in Alabastro di Volterra.
This sedimentary rock formed millions of years ago is found in caves or tunnels in compact blocks of ovoidal shape – known as “arnioni”. Every quarry yields a different type of alabaster, with chromatic varieties ranging through tones of white, gray and amber, and different degrees of transparency.
The ancient methods of processing required that the polishing was done with shark skin, wild ferns and a solution made from ox bones finely ground mixed with silk yellow soap. This process is nowadays replaced through a polishing process made with powder obtained from a mixture of different shells and seeds.

Alabastri collection is designed to communicate a sense of quiet and balance, developed through essential shapes that enhance transparency and natural colors. The aesthetics value of alabaster is enhanced through accurate proportions, minimum thickness and handcrafted details.
Each centrepiece can be considered as a unique piece, due to a high-quality level of craftsmanship combined with the different intensity of shades designed by nature during millennia.

DESIGNED by Roberto Sironi Studio
PH by Federico Villa