Brut is a table with strong references to Art Brut, spontaneous and informal, and brutalist architecture both in the volumes, accentuated and massive, and in the mate- rials, concrete and only partially controllable.

Tacchini’s first project with the designer Roberto Sironi, this table with a cast aluminium top and concrete legs presents itself as a procedural object, where the material takes over and dominates the forms to give life to a piece with a proud and charismatic personality.

Cassero is a material reworking in which the tactility of the wood grain becomes the distinctive and significant aesthetic element of the project: two low tables with essential and rigorous shapes that bring a powerful architectural sign to the living environment through variation of scale and careful chromatic research.
The materiality of the concrete becomes the protagonist and is expressed through irregular surfaces that recall the raw wood with which the formwork is made — the wooden formwork used in construction that holds within it the shape to be created by casting concrete.

BRUT and CASSERO, 2024
Designed by Roberto Sironi
Produced by TACCHINI
PH Andrea Ferrari