The world changes, our taste experience is different and we are always fascinated and feel more inspired by the new scientific discoveries and a greater understanding of food.
Molecular cuisine looks at these changes and seeks to understand and explain the chemical reasons behind the transformation of ingredients, as well as the social, artistic and technical components of this culinary phenomena.
Molecular Matter is a tableware collection designed to show the essence of molecular cuisine, enhancing the presentation of shapes, colours and taste, creating new supports for foams, spherifications, gelifications, and caramelizations.
It’s a different way to experience food through sensorial and tactile stylish details.
The textured grip, which refers to the structures of the chemical elements, was achieved by the immersion of sheets of wax used in beekeeping inside moulds.

Realized with the support of Michelin star chef Daniel Facen

Molecular Matter, 2015
glazed ceramic
dish: Ø25cm
tray: 35 x 22cm
hexagonal dishes: Ø10cm
jar: H11cm

Photo credits: Roberto Sironi, Federico Villa

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