GLASS / 2016

“Life” was inspired by the reading of “The amazonian cosmos”, a book focused on the complex cosmology of the Amazonian Indians Desana, written by the anthropologist Gerardo Reichel-Dolmatoff in 1971.
I was fascinated by the symbolic interpretation of natural elements and how the Desana indios feels part of the mechanism of natural universe with its dynamics, its balance and where the elements that compose it have a deep meaning.
Therefore I started to think of something that had meaning for me and the result is Life, a representation of the flourishing extension of a mouth blown glass root, which emerges from the top and becomes a crystallized frame of the life flow and its unending regeneration, precious and fragile at the same time. The glass bell protects the roots, with both practical and symbolic meaning and rests on a charred wood base, creating a contrast between the concept of life and death.

Life, 2017
glass blown with “lume technique”, engraved silver, charred cedar wood
H35 x W25cm

Photo credits: Federico Villa

Life is a unique piece available @Gallery S.Bensimon

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