Haiku is a set of tools for the table made in Ogatsu, a rock formed 230 million years ago, which for 600 years has been transformed into slabs and carved by japanese craftsmen, essentially in the same way that is as it has been for hundred of years.
Especially used in the past for the production of traditional tools for calligraphy, it’s now reconverted as material for tableware due to its silky texture, the waterproof quality and high retention of temperatures, both hot and cold.
Haiku collection has been designed trying to enhance the sophisticated beauty of Ogatsu, enhancing the contrast between smooth and rough, through the thresholds that are inspired by the cracks in the rock. The meaning of the project is thus linked to the terrible earthquake and tsunami that struck in 2011 the area where this stone is extracted and worked and from which the population is slowly recovering.

Tanka is a set of porcelain bowls designed for Hands on Design and manufactured by the prestigious Japanese manufacturing Risogama. The fine porcelain, characterized by sober lines, are decorated with a manual technique that allows each bowl to be decorated with a different pattern generated by the randomness of the human gesture, making each bowl slightly different from the others and therefore unique.
Tanka is also presented with a version characterized by a rust colour hand-painted border. The two shades chosen for the bowls are two traditional Japanese colours: the Blue that represents the rectitude of water and the Rust that represents the colour of autumn foliage.

Photo credits: Federico Villa



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