Roberto Sironi investigates the ancestral theme of fire through a research on the natural and artificial processes that characterize the sculpture.
The remains of trees that have been burned by fire, trunks hit by lightning, charred branches recovered in the mountains become objects of experimentation through the ancient technique of bronze casting.
The fire that shapes the wood according to the entropic model de natura, the man who adds new interpretation and meaning with the transformation of elements into bronze – a material strongly linked to the historical and artistic tradition.
The bronze casting gives new and eternal life to the elements and provides the starting of the thermal sculptural process: the matter permeated and crossed by the heat, the slow and necessary cooling that stabilizes the material, similar to what happens in nature. Functional elements to be considered as evidence of the link between man, art and nature, with its origins and primal memories.
The glow of the fire, the pure black of carbonization, the intensity of the raw textures with burn marks and cracks, the material transformed according to the artistic interpretation of men.
The fragility of the burnt wood that turns into a strong and solid matter.
The bronze with its intrinsic value.
Patinas constantly changing.
The concept of permanence.
The time.

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