FUOCO collection investigates the ancestral theme of fire through a research on the natural and artificial processes that characterize the sculpture.The remains of trees that have been burned by fire, trunks hit by lightning, charred branches salvaged from the mountains become objects of experimentation through the ancient technique of bronze casting.
The fire that shapes the wood according to the entropic model de natura, the designer who adds new interpretation and meaning with the transformation of elements into bronze – a material strongly linked to the historical and artistic tradition.
The bronze casting gives new and eternal life to the elements and provides the start of the thermal sculptural process: the matter permeated and crossed by the heat, the slow and necessary cooling that stabilizes the material, similar to what happens in a forest hit by fire.
FUOCO presents a range of objects in which the sculpture is enriched with the functionality of the elements.
This is the case of the side table with the base in black patina bronze and the top in glossy patina bronze, where what remains of a larch trunk burnt by the fire is combined with the religious purity of the mirrored top.
The sculptured chair takes origin from a single piece of burnt cedar wood, where the concentric rings of the trunk section still remain visible and made aesthetically even more powerful and dramatic by the bronze casting, which enhances marks and cracks.
The fragility of burnt wood that becomes solid and permanent matter is also the main theme of the candle-holder, where the remains of an oak branch are dissected to support the candles, with the intention of bringing the fire back on the home table.
The charred wood, modelled in accordance with the profile of the mountain where the original piece was found, becomes a bronze sculpture in the creation of a wall mirror. The base in bronze is combined with bronze mirror and copper plated brass frame. In this solution the mirror reflects the sculpture that can be contemplated by different perspectives.
The same concept of reflection is used for the table mirror, designed with an antique mirror and gold plated brass frame, where the reflecting surface becomes a huge moon overlooking the mountain.
FUOCO unveiled a range of objects which can be considered as evidence of the link between man, art and nature, with the human condition and primal memories.The symbolic meaning of fire is investigated through the dichotomous aspect of death and rebirth, fear and strengths, considered as elements that have always driven man’s journey.

FUOCO side table, chair and wall-mirror
Edition of 6 + 2AP

FUOCO table-mirror and candle-holder
Edition of 12 + 2AP

All pieces are signed by Roberto Sironi and Fonderia Artistica Battaglia
The collection is available at Gallery S.Bensimon Paris

Ph: Federico Villa

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