POTS / 2015

Cascina is a series of storage pots in lombard terracotta (Italy) that feature an exterior of rawness and tactile experience combined with the extraordinary aesthetic of this material, characterized by rich veins.
These pots have a gloss glazed interior and covers made by solid beech wood in contrast to the rough of the exterior.
The series consist of 4 elements: a tall container to store pasta and rice and three different size jars for dispensing cereals, legume, seeds, etc.
The collection derived from researching the typologies and language associated with the tradition and methods of keeping food dry utilising lombard terracotta.
This material is obtained from the combination of two different types of clay, produced following the methods and techniques of traditional  handicraft, in one of the last fornaci left (laboratories for the production of terracotta and ceramic materials).
The name “Cascina” derives from the typical housing farm present in Lombardy, evidence of the rural world narrated in the movie “The Tree of Wooden Clogs” by Ermanno Olmi, awarded with “Palme d’or” at Cannes in 1978.

Cascina, 2015
Lombard terracotta, solid beech wood
small pot H13 x W16cm
medium pot H12 x W20cm
large pot H11 x W23cm
tall pot H31,5 x W12cm

Photo credits: Federico Villa

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