VASES / 2015

A Collection of three vases made with a technique created thousand years ago by the Etruscans.
Bucchero is a clay that is baked at 900°C in a steel box where a chemical reaction occurs due to a reduction of oxygen and charcoal smoke present in the chamber of the oven. This process gives the vases their typical black colour with silvery shades.
Buccheri Vases are hand carved with special tools made in boxwood. This process polishes the vase, leaving a rough finishing at the opening of the vase. This technique gives the sophisticated colour variation from black to anthracite grey. Minimal and stylish, these precious vases are designed to enhance the beauty of this material and each vase is unique, combining extraordinary tactile quality with a very thin thickness.

Buccheri, 2015
small vase H27 x W30cm
large vase H42 x W35cm
tall vase H43 x W31cm

Photo credits: Federico Villa

Photo credits making of: Annalisa Lever

Limited edition of Buccheri Vases @ Gallery S.Bensimon | www.gallerybensimon.com

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