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Chapter III
“The Archaic future”


Abet Laminati, Fonderia Artistica Battaglia
Serpentino e Graniti, Neonlauro,

Project curated by:
Annalisa Rosso

Ph credits:
Federico Villa

Human code, 2019
engraved serpentino stone
90 x 45 x H190cm
The algorithm for the extraction of the ECG signal written in CC ++ language.

HUMAN CODE exhibition
Courtyard of SIAM, permanent installation

HUMAN CODE exhibition
Basement of SIAM, MDW 2019

Rutor glacier, 2019
neon, 120 x 120cm
Data visualization of the volumetric variation in millions of cubic meters of the Rutor glacier (Italy),
detected from the mid-eighteenth century to the last glaciological campaign in 2004.

Traces, 2019
electroformed copper, 26 x 32cm each
A series of copper stencils used for the realization of the electronic circuits: an intangible language
refers to the Sumerian tablets created thousands of years ago

Digital Venus, 2019
six-axis robotic arm printed earth
9 x 7,5 x H17,5cm
Digitalization of the Venus of Lespugue - the Paleolithic goddess of fertility – processed and then reproduced through the use of a six-axis robotic arm.

Detail of Digital Venus, 2019
6 axis robotic arm printed earth

Idol of domestication, 2019
lost wax casted bronze and black onyx, 6 x 6 x H18cm
The cob as a perfect symbol of the overlap between natural and artificial: it doesn’t exist in nature but derives from the domestication of teosinth,
through a process begun more than 10,000 years ago.

Disappearing, 2019
lost wax casted aluminium, resin, 12 x 20 x H37cm
The bee is a courtesy of Federico Tosi
The disappearance of bees due to the effects of climate change, the use of pesticides in agriculture and the progressive reduction of biodiversity in nature.

Archaic future, 2019
lost wax casted bronze
50 x 10cm (set of five)
Series of flints carved in wax and then casted in bronze. The first design tools of the homo species.

Detail of Archaic future, 2019
lost wax casted bronze

The invention of fire, 2019
45 x 45 x 30cm (installation)
Fire control as the first breakthrough developed by man 400.000 years ago.

Broken myth, 2019
gypsum, gold leaf 24 carat
90 x 40 x P8cm
The broken snake as a symbol of the interrupted mythical relationship between animals and humans due to the start of the biological studies in the eighteenth century.

Detail of Broken myth, 2019
The Gipsoteca where the bas-relief is handmade

Untitled, 2019
32 x 7 x 5cm
The origin of man and his possible end as a Homo Sapiens specie.

Detail of Untitled, 2019

What is time? Unlike what is taught at school, for Roberto Sironi time is a variable to delete to help us investigate evolution – and involution – of humans. Human Code demonstrates how our mindset has remained almost unchanged, since a casual genetical change engendered from a monkey to the Homo specie. The ten unique pieces which arrange this uniform and crystal clear project are an evocative synthesis of traditionally opposed ages and dichotomies. Starting from the human origins, according to the designer, it’s impossible to divide artificial and natural.
In front of the wax ruins of an extinguished fire (human’s first technology breakthrough) and a Goddess of Fertility moulded by a robotic arm, it becomes instinctive to recognize one’s own belonging to the code. Through this space-time passage, familiar objects of the present become mysterious and powerful archaeological artifacts, re-emerging in a distant future where the artificial and natural components are stratified together in an indissoluble way. A powerful suggestion that leads the viewer to question the condition of human existence.
All Sironi’s research is about human being, juxtaposing anthropological themes to an accurate research on the materials and the productive systems. In this process, the most personal elements have a fundamental part, and from this point of view Human Code is an autobiographical project. Throughout the way the analytical studies emerge but also the many trips, the encounters, the randomness, and the feelings: the human code of the author himself.
Human Code doesn’t give any solution and doesn’t express any kind of judgement. It works as a real code, destined to activate other processes because of its nature: it wants to stimulate an autonomous consideration, so we begin to talk about future with a greater awareness. And shared.

Annalisa Rosso


more info on HUMAN CODE:
Roberto Sironi in conversation with Annalisa Rosso

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