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Chapter I
“Exploring the crafts”

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Buccheri, Tarconte and Ocno, 2015
35 x 35 x H45cm and 30 x 30 x H27cm
Edition of 24

Buccheri, Asture, 2015
31 x 31 x H43cm
Edition of 24

Buccheri, 2015

Buccheri texture

Buccheri making of, Gubbio (Italy)

A Collection of three vases made with a ceramic technique called Bucchero, created thousands years ago by the Etruscans.
Buccheri Vases are hand carved with special tools made in boxwood and then baked for three days in a steel box with charcoal.
This process gives the vases their typical black colour with silvery shades.
Minimal and stylish, these precious vases are designed to enhance the beauty of this material and each vase is unique, combining extraordinary tactile quality with a very thin thickness.

ph_Federico Villa

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